Many of our customers choose to work with our in house design service. We can provide complete construction documents including engineered architectural drawings, kitchen plans, and elevated interiors

However, we are limited in our time to provide the above. In other cases, we work with many of the best architects in Northeast Ohio. Each firm has its forte in design and may vary in the degree of its involvement in the construction process.

If you have already begun work with an architect, we look forward to working with you and the architect as a team to develop and add value to the project and process.

Some projects (and clients) demand an interior designer. From the process of selecting color schemes, fabrics, lighting and plumbing fixtures, floors and finishes; the skills and services of an interior designer are priceless. We have worked with many competent and talented interior designers and can make the right recommendation for your project.

Many projects require site engineering, from soil sampling and analysis to civil engineering and site planning. We can also provide the right engineer for your specific project.